Will SBF do interviews?
closes 2024


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Will SBF do at least five interviews?61%
Will SBF testify?87%
Will SBF be offered a deal?78%
Will SBF testify at his trial?30%
Will SBF go to “camp”?36%
Will the SBF trial be televised?8%
Will SBF take a plea deal?65%
Will there be an SBF criminal trial?51%
Will SBF be vindicated?10%
Will SBF plead guilty?68%
Will SBF go to “the pen”?28%
Will SBF be charged with witness tampering?15%
Will there be an SBF civil trial?81%
Will SBF take the witness stand in his own defense?46%
Will SBF appear in Congress again?25%
Will SBF plead guilty before trial?47%
Will SBF receive a jail-free deal?5%
Will SBF be pardoned?5%
Will SBF die in prison?14%
Will SBF escape from prison?3%