AI Movies by 2024
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In 2028, will an AI be able to generate a full high-quality movie to a prompt?
ScottAlexander avatarScott Alexander
48% chance
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jb421 avatarDude
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Will an AI be able to write a passable novel before October 2024?
IsaacKing avatarIsaac
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IsaacKing avatarIsaac
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Will an AI-powered dating app significantly improve on the current state of the art by October 2024?
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Short Term AI 2.5: By January 2024, will there be a usable, general AI assistant?
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Will a text prompt based AI music generator that most of the time cannot be told apart from human musicians be publicly available by the end of 2023?
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Will AI reliably produce images with the specified number of fingers on two hands by end of 2023?
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In 2028, will at least 350,000 Americans (1/1000) be talking at least weekly to an AI they consider a romantic companion?
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Will an AI Minecraft Agent defeat the Ender Dragon before 2024?
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Will we have end to end AI generated anime series by the end of 2024?
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In 2028, will an AI be able to play randomly selected computer games at human level without getting to practice?
ScottAlexander avatarScott Alexander
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Will it be possible for AI to generate reasonably good video ads by 2024?
vluzko avatarVincent Luczkow
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By 2028, will AI be able to make a full animated movie with consistent plot, design and characters with no input besides the original prompt?
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Will the "AI make a movie" market reach a new equilibrium by September 2024?
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Will an AI-authored short story be published in a major science fiction magazine by 2024?
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Will we have end to end AI generated anime series by the end of 2027?
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By mid-2027, will an AI be able to generate a full high-quality movie to a prompt?
lukres avatarlukres
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Will there be realistic AI generated video from natural language descriptions by the start of 2024?
vluzko avatarVincent Luczkow
25% chance
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JJLarrea avatar
J.J. Larrea

This question needs to be much more specific to be meaningful: Feature Length (defined by SAG as >= 80 minutes)? Theatrical Release for sure, but Festival Submission? Festival Screening? Online Screening?

I think it should be Feature Length and either Theatrical Release or Festival Screening by 2024. And will bet accordingly.

MarkIngraham avatar
Mark Ingrahampredicts NO

Ai is meaningless, cgi has existed since forever. The fact this got votes at all proves manifold is clown world.

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JJLarrea avatar
J.J. Larreabought Ṁ50 of YES

@MarkIngraham have you seen how long the credit roll is on a CGI feature? Hundreds of people, dozens in modeling alone. So let’s define an “AI Movie” as one in which there is zero human 3D modeling, perhaps?

fleventy avatar

Does it have to show in cinemas?