Will OpenAI make a product that allows for direct control of your computer before 2025?

Resolves Yes if OpenAI offers a software product that has the capability to take over your computer to perform tasks.

My assumption would be some software that is powered by GPT-5 that you can ask to do things for you. This has been implied by Sam's talk about multi-modal capabilities.

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Does it count if OpenAI releases its own ai-centered device?

@hiydavid Yes, as long as it can be considered a computer

Is that a NO if Microsoft releases the product?

@ducat Correct

How would this resolve if they release software to control your phone?

@Vorak Hmm. I’ll resolve yes. phone counts as a computer.

Does this mean before 1st Jan 2025 or before the end of 2025?

@SimoneRomeo Resolves Jan 1 2025

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