Will Eliezer Yudkowsky use AGI to figure out why he was wrong?

Will Eliezer Yudkowsky use AGI/ASI/Digial-Superintelligence to figure out why he was wrong predicting AI would destroy humanity.

Resolves yes if this happens by 2040.

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Nice meme

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In the unlikely event that AI destroys humanity but there's still someone and/or something with the ability and desire to resolve this market, how should it resolve?

@SonataGreen It'll resolve no if theres no public statement by Eliezer saying he changed his mind

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I'm curious how Eliezer et al interpret the anthropic issues with predictions like these. It's not as if he'll get to have the satisfaction of using AGI/ASI to prove why he was right, and there's more than zero branches (according to MWI followers like himself) where we survive regardless of who had the better argument.

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