Will the US modify it's AI export restrictions in a way that bans export of Nvidias H20 GPUs?
resolved Jul 6

Resolves YES if by July 4th 2024 the US modifies it's export rules to include these new GPUs. Some experts are claiming they are 20% faster at AI inference than a H100 while technically meeting the current export rules.

If the US does not modify it's rules but directly bans the H20 this question will resolve YES

If the H20 turns out to be already banned by current rules as of 2023-11-08 I'll resolve NA


When the US dropped updated AI restrictions, we thought the US locked down every single loophole conceivable. To our surprise, Nvidia still found a way to ship high performance GPUs into China with their upcoming H20, L20, and L2 GPUs. Nvidia already has product samples for these GPUs and they will go into mass production within the next month, yet again showing their supply chain mastery.

Furthermore, one of the China specific GPUs is over 20% faster than the H100 in LLM inference, and is more similar to the new GPU that Nvidia is launching early next year than to the H100!

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