What would you do with an AI-Interview Tool?
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Dear Manifolders,

we launched a new AI-based interviewer this month and looking for feedback.

We currently speaking to market research and product people. But as we are quite flexible we are looking for inspiration where else we could roll it out.


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Many high school-based career/job training and placement programs are underfunded and understaffed in a way that makes it tough for students to get ample practice with mock interviews. This is especially true for public schools. Using a tool like this in that setting would allow students to get unlimited practice interviewing when they otherwise might only get a couple good opportunities with a teacher or volunteer from a local business.


I would use it to screen initial candidates or at least do an initial pass of the initial screening tasks so the human can quickly assess wether it's worth moving forward and proceeding with the application


Feed it job descriptions I'm interested in, have it interview me and tell me which are best to apply for and how to tailor my resume for them.


Perhaps it could be used to test the patients and or "prompt" cleverness of the interviewee. If they can convince a stubborn bot that they are worth hiring by whatever means, that is someone who may be able to work well in bureaucracy. Perhaps even make the initial prompt to simply not expect under any circumstances, so they would have to gas-light it. Then you could also evaluate their willingness and ability to do such a thing and use that as a factor in your decision depending on the preference for such skills in the job.


OK interesting.

Would set candidate criteria qualities I'm seeking in responses, have AI analyze responses for keywords and traits at scale


It could make for some entertaining videos so i would try to push its limits for content


Avoid it.

Does your AI based interviewer perform well on domain specific interviews? Does it know what question to ask when interviewing a software developer vs a management position?