What is the best single financial market proxy for which party wins the White House in 2024?
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Bad news - you fell into a coma today. You wake up on January 20, 2025 and (for whatever reason) have no access to information about the outcome of the 2024 Presidential election, but would like to figure out which party won solely by looking at financial market data.

You only have access to today's prices (the day you sadly took coma) and the prices on the day you woke up, as the Presidential inauguration is imminent.

You can look at and choose from any publicly traded instruments - stocks, indexes, options, futures, bonds, commodities, interest rates, forex, crypto, etc. But you can't see prediction markets, forecasting platforms or any other non-regulated instruments.

You may construct any comparisons necessary to inform your decision (e.g. the outperformance of one (or more) instrument(s) over another during the course of your incapacitation), but must specify how you would construct the evaluation function in your answer.

Your answer should take the form of (for example): If Stock XYZ's percentage gain between now and inauguration day is greater than x%, then [Party] won. But of course it can be far more complex (e.g. if the gain of the worst-performing of these 5 cryptos and these 2 ETFs is more than x percentage points higher than the gain of the S&P over the same period, then [Party] won.).

Your answer should identify the single most reliable indicator of whether a Republican or a Democrat was elected President. Assume for simplicity that the nominee of one of those parties was elected and that the outcome is not disputed as of Inauguration Day.

The bounty will either be winner-take-all (if one submission is clearly superior to all others) or split evenly if more than one are roughly equally great.

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One idea could be how much disposable income people have. People are a lot more approving of the president/the economy with more.

Weisenthal's asking something similar on Twitter today. Replies there might be instructive.

USD:MEX was how I watched the early part of the 2016 election, rather than talking heads. Trump has said he wants to increase the tariffs on China to >=60%, so I would think firms with heavy import exposure would be impacted. Not sure about USD:CNY since that's heavily influenced by CCP machinations. (Disclaimer: I'm a boring index fund person irl)

"Bad news - you fell into a coma today. You wake up on January 20, 2025 and (for whatever reason) have no access to information about the outcome of the 2024 Presidential election"

Actually, I bet there are people who would pay money for this option!

Rather than call out specific stocks and justifying them individually, it seems like a statistical approach would be better.

  1. Take every stock in the S&P 500/Various commodities/etc.

  2. Look at their returns over the period from one day before to one day after election day over the past three elections

  3. Run a logistic regression to predict the "which party won" outcome from these returns.

  4. Construct a derivative that gives you a basket equal to the value of the returns weighted by their weight in the regression.

I would probably look at European defence companies gap to US defence. I'm sure this isn't optimal but a simple comparison would be:

If BAE Systems(LON:BA) / Lockheed Martin (LMT) > 1 then Trump won.

A more optimal one would be a basket of european defence companies to a US basket, perhaps with currency hedging.

This should reflect increased defence spending in Europe as a result of a Trump win and the implied reduced commitment to NATO/Russian deterrence.

Initial thought: if DWAC stock, hedged with SPX, is higher than it is today, then likely Trump won? DWAC is likely to merge with Trump’s media company. If it is lower, then I would assume a Democrat won. (If Nikki Haley wins, this would be wrong, but that seems unlikely enough that it’s possible to ignore)

Ok, not a finance person, and this is a boring answer, but I'll bite.

DWCREE and DWCCOA are two indexes that track the performance of renewables and coal stocks respectively.

The energy sector saw a lot of price action following Trump's election in 2016. I think there's still a lot of scared money in the market, and that the same thing will probably happen this year.

So, for the sake of simplicity, if DWCREE outperforms DWCCOA over the period, I assume the Democratic party won. If DWCCOA outperforms DWCREE, I assume the Republican party won.

Open to suggestions on other variables to 'control' for in order to make this more of an accurate forecast.

This is great. Are you going to create a linked market as well?

best guess: something related to marijuana

Brilliant market prompt!

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