Will Rory Stewart be a UK ambassador to any country by end of 2035?

Rory Stewart is a former UK politician and diplomat. Recently he has been doing a popular politics podcast and lecturing at Yale University in the USA. He has made hints on the podcast that he would like to return to politics, and he has an interest in international affairs. Will he end up as an ambassador?

He needs to actually take up the post before 31st December 2035 for this market to resolve YES.

I may bet in this market.

I will fix the close date if I remember next time I'm at a computer. Manifold really need to allow you to set custom dates without clicking through lots of times.

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Seems pretty unlikely. As far as I know these appointments are virtually always through Civil Service pathways.

@Kurgan ah, interesting. He was a civil servant in the past though! Maybe he'll rejoin ;)