Will Javier Milei abolish the Central Bank of Argentina by 2024-07-01?
Jul 4
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If it stops being called a central bank and starts being called a “currency board”, possibly with changes in personnel and scope, will that count?

How will you resolve if the institution still exists but has lost most of its powers and/or dollarization goes through?

@galaga If it still exists, resolves No, regardless of other stuff. There are already some other questions on dollarization, and I wasn't sure how to turn "it's just a figurehead" into a useful criteria.

Are there specific ways that might happen that people are talking about? Proposals other than dollarization that it might be useful to have questions on? I definitely think we could use a few more questions on this topic and would be happy to help write them or run them myself, but I'm not following the topic closely enough to feel like I know how to write them.

It seemed like a shorter term version of this question might be relevant.