Sep 1

One Piece is infamous for fake out death scenes. Is Vegapunk's heart rate flat lining in 1108 one of these fake outs or will Oda keep him dead.

I will consider a fake out death to be something along the lines of "his heart stopped but was started up again", "his body was destroyed but his consciousness transfered to a satellite", or "his consciousness survived via Punk Records."

I will not consider a fake out death to be the Stella dying but a satellite such as Lilith surviving.

Due to the nature of the fakeouts, I will wait till I feel like it is safe to resolve NO. This will be at minimum a few chapters into the next arc but could be as much as a year depending on if there is evidence or suspicion for a fake out.

Will resolve YES if one of the conditions listed above or something along the lines occurs.

Resolves based on TCB SCANS releases. If they cease publishing than I will refer to the official Viz translation.

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