Will Vegapunk's death be a fake out?
Jun 30

One Piece is infamous for fake out death scenes. Is Vegapunk's heart rate flat lining in 1108 one of these fake outs or will Oda keep him dead.

I will consider a fake out death to be something along the lines of "his heart stopped but was started up again", "his body was destroyed but his consciousness transfered to a satellite", or "his consciousness survived via Punk Records."

I will not consider a fake out death to be the Stella dying but a satellite such as Lilith surviving.

Due to the nature of the fakeouts, I will wait till I feel like it is safe to resolve NO. This will be at minimum a few chapters into the next arc but could be as much as a year depending on if there is evidence or suspicion for a fake out.

Will resolve YES if one of the conditions listed above or something along the lines occurs.

Resolves based on TCB SCANS releases. If they cease publishing than I will refer to the official Viz translation.

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