Will someone have won masters league from trader bonuses by end 2024?

They must win masters

At least 80% of the mana to win must have come from trader bonuses

That is, if you take the required profit to win, trader bonuses they got are at least 80% of that


  • Person A wins with 140k profit in the month

  • Second place B has 56k

Winning requirement is 56001 mana. As long as A has at least 0.8*56001 mana in trader bonuses, it counts as a trader bonus win.

I say this to not disqualify situations where someone has high bonuses but also high profits.

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I have little profit but solid bonuses keeping me in masters

But them just having dropped 40% doesn't help

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yeah, i was able to maintain in diamond on trader bonuses, but couldn't get escape velocity in my tough cohorts. I imagine it's a solid base for a stable masters experience, tho

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I wish, but being a question creator is a subpar strat in Diamond and absolutely non-viable in Masters.

@Stralor "cries in masters"

Although this season I have way more trading profits than last.

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@Haws 😂