Is the OpenAI Crisis over (for the month?)
resolved Dec 4

Today, Sam announced he would return as OpenAI CEO

If nothing big happens by end of month, I'll consider the Crisis is over and this is YES

Things that would be big must be big enough to possibly immediately imperil the status quo as of now:

  • loss of a very important individual from where they are now in an unexpected, sudden, or surprising way, related to this issue

  • serious lawsuits against any of the leaders involved from any party, openai employees, board members, USGov

  • serious criminal charges filed against important individuals or organizations

  • Further uncertainty about the immediate leadership situation of OpenAI

  • Similarly very surprising and significant events

Parties involved:

  • Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya, OpenAI, OpenAI Board, Microsoft and Satya


  • Resignation of the board would count as it not having been over yet, so NO

  • Individual changes to the board do not automatically mean NO

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This is about whether things appear over through end of month vs a big thing visibly happening

predicted YES

@Ernie In your view, has anything big happened since it was announced Altman would return?

@NicoDelon I don't think I've seen anything at the level of the things in the list, but people can post

Everything this company does is fast. It started on Friday and was more or less over by Tueday. Efficient.