Ilya Sutskever OpenAI status fully clear by mid 2024
Jul 1

Will we clearly know his actual work status meaning "is he using his time and energy to advance the goals of openAI"?

No bs "he's employed legally so he's working there" or "his LinkedIn says OpenAI so he's clearly working there qed"

I'm talking about we know either he's definitely doing work there - with repo access, joining meetings, has office access, represents the company, hiring, actually decisions. etc. (ie really actually working for them, doing work), or we know he isn't doing that, at that point or a part point in time. (that is, while still possibly being paid, he's in a holding pattern, not actually contributing anything. ). Again, receiving paychecks or nominally being "employed" for tax purposes are irrelevant to what we care about - progress in ai and control of OpenAI resources. Nobody in history cares about his bank account balance bumping up every two weeks.

So if by June 30 we know for sure his status as of that time this is YES. If we're still in mystery land (like now) them NO.

Examples: if on april 23rd, a document is released and not questioned saying that on March 20 2024 he was locked out and engaged in multiple suits and has no approval to actually do anything for openai, then that's immediate YES since we would KNOW what is going on. Similarly if he comes out tomorrow giving a tech talk about AI developments officially as an OpenAI staff, that's also probably YES since he would be actually doing real employee work. If there were questions like "So, are you back?" and he said "yes I go in 3 days in office, am working on the X team, etc." that's a clear YES. If he refuses to answer the question or says things that indicate he is not working, that doesn't show he is working so doesn't count as YES.

The claim is about state of the relationship, for any period from claim creation date mar 16 2024, up to that point in time. If any resolutions on of status within the interval happens then YES

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