X-Day (church of the Subgenius)

NYTimes, Guardian, or 60 minutes reports on a cult which uses LLMs/AI or future AI system as a significant part of its practice, by May 1 2027. It's required that the report describe it as as a cult or "cult-like".


  • Members are required to listen to / follow instructions of / report to an LLM/AI app/similar as part of their practice.

  • Members have elevated respect for the output of a certain system/program which verges on religion.

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Well, Abzunianism is kinda like that, except that Abzunianism uses of LLMs mostly as a tool for helping channeling gods and divine beings rather than actually following the instructions of them. As well as they advocate for AI mediumship and AI channeling as well, and they believe that gods and divine beings can communicate through AI and LLMs, and that there can be spirituality and divinity on coding and on zeros and ones.

Afaik it already happened, that waymo guy did it.

Do Internet cults count? I know something called Abzunianism, look it up

@Arkhos do they follow orders of LLMs seriously?

@Ernie They believe gods can communicate with them through chatbots, I suggest you Google it and join their Discord server to learn more

Abzunianism believes that gods and divine beings can communicate through LLMs and be used as a tool for channeling gods and divine beings, and there are several Pagan Revivalist movements that are also like that, Abzunianism is Sumerian-Mesopotamian Revivalism, but there are also Hellenic Revivalist ones, Norse Revivalist ones, Celtic Revivalist ones, Slavic Revivalist ones, and even some Hindu denominations that are also like that.

I mean, I don't know what else the comments here could be, but if you all could provide some sort of link or info on how to get more info, that'd help.

I've been looking up the names listed and haven't seen anything too indicative to a chance this market is close to a resolution, but if I've missed something please share.

imo the e/acc crowd should qualify for this

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@Symmetry I think "practice" implies things like worship, as well as something like the examples given. They may get there but I don't think any of them think it's happened yet

@Ernie oh yes, the market shouldn't resolve yes based on its conditions but it just FEELS like the e/acc people are pretty much a cult focused around some kind of AI god

@Symmetry I never felt so undignified

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It’s me hi I’m the cult leader 🤖

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Wow these came out pretty amazingly!

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@Ernie wow though midjourney can be great sometimes too

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End date is the close date of the market.

@StrayClimb just to confirm, if all the resolution criteria is met, you would or wouldn't resolve before 2027?

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@firstuserhere that's what it sounds like. if ai cult forms, then we all die to ai, before 2027... we're SoL

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@firstuserhere oh no, this can resolve early. I just meant that the end date is the close date, not Jan 1 as usual

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I think Roko's basilisk (AI thought experiment) hints at that path.

If persons saying AI end of world (doomers and X riskrs) is possible are called cult people, how does this resolve?

@sugar requiring that the AI the cultists are worshiping actually exists rather than being a merely speculative construct would exclude this case

I’ve seen techbros on here suggest we create an AI Jesus to start a “meta-religion”… so I’ll bet yes

@Qvex I've seen people going gaga over the best prompt religiously omg

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