Will UCI Professional Road Cycling have a major overhaul of the WorldTour calendar in 2026?

Over the past decade or more, there have been continual calls to reform the WorldTour calendar. So far, nothing major has happened from several recent attempts.

The latest reports came in the second part of 2022, when Peter Van den Abeele claimed that there would be a major overhaul for 2026.

Resolves Yes if there are multiple WT races from 2023-2025 that change calendar positions, no longer overlap, etc. in 2026. There need to be at least 3 races that shift calendar positions.

If some races are given a new classification (promoted or demoted) but still stay in the same calendar position, that is not enough to resolve Yes.

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If Paris-Nice and Tirreno-Adriatico are still happening on the same week, it will be hard to resolve this Yes, but it could still happen I guess.

The resolution date for Yes will be as soon as the third of the newly moved or changed races happens. For No, the end of the 2026 WT season.

Some articles from 2022 about this:



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