Which users will purchase at least 1000 mana before 1 July 2024?
Jul 1

Add usernames who have never purchased mana in the past. I'm really not interested at all if a user who regularly purchases mana purchases more. If you add someone who has already purchased mana, I will probably N/A that answer. If you add the same person twice, I'll probably N/A the second one. If you add someone's main account and their known alt purchases mana, the main account will resolve Yes. Don't waste answers on alts.

If the user purchases at least 1000 mana before 1 July 2024 (Manifold time - Pacific daylight time), they resolve Yes promptly. If they do not purchase 1000 mana before 1 July 2024, they resolve No on 1 July 2024.

Extra details:

Currently, it is possible to view who has purchased mana by viewing their portfolio page -> balance log, and by querying the TXNS table. If this ability is removed, I will make every reasonable effort to gather the required information including asking Manifold staff directly. If there is circumstantial evidence that a user purchased or did not purchase mana, we can use that to help resolve in the case the 'official' information is gone. If the information for any particular user cannot be confirmed within 1 month of the market closing, we will attempt to resolve that option N/A to avoid leaving it open forever.

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bought แน€341 @jim YES

@Eliza jim resolves yes

Shortly after creating this market the cost of mana was reduced by 10x. I am not making any changes to the criteria at this time.




I think the mana supply announcement from a couple weeks ago will result in more users purchasing mana. Try to list some free to play users and predict if they will do so!

bought แน€10 @Eliza NO

@Eliza lol no

If I added someone who already purchased mana just let me know and I will N/A you.