Will a major technology company publicly admit to using a LLM for important decision making before 2025?
closes 2025

Major technology company as defined by me. Probably just companies I've heard of.

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Will any company form a defensible moat around LLM-based AI before 2025?22%
Will I start using a non-LLM AI tool on a daily basis before 2025?78%
Will LLMs be better than typical white-collar workers on all computer tasks before 2026?42%
Will LLMs (or similar AI systems) be meaningfully integrated into US public school education by 2025?7%
Will LLMs become a ubiquitous part of everyday life by June 2026?90%
Will an LLM improve its own ability along some important metric well beyond the best trained LLMs before 2026?57%
Will Apple acquire an LLM startup in 2023?45%
Will Google have a better LLM than OpenAI by 2025?41%
Will the US ban the use of LLM in games before 2025?8%
Will someone release a crypto-LLM by 2025?78%
Will an LLM autonomously operate a business that generates more than 600 USD in profit before 2024?47%
Will there exist popular smart glasses with LLM integration by 2030?68%
Will an iPhone ship with a >1B LLM by 2025?61%
Will an LLM that someone is trying to shut down stop or avoid that in some way before 2026?26%
Will a LLM considerably more powerful than GPT-4 come out in 2023?23%
Will LLMs' non-language capabilities be used commercially by the end of 2023?90%
Will Google, Amazon, Apple, or Samsung have their voice assistant integrated with an LLM, by 2024 end?89%
Will an LLM have an epic name by 2024?86%
There will be a company which offers LLM or AI-based arbitration by 203081%
China will make a LLM approximately as good or better than GPT4 before 202540%