Will US Dollar crash dramatically before end of 2025
Dec 31

Since BRIC is launching a new currency in 2024 and OPEC countries have started non $ oil trades, considering US has highest national debt of 36 Trillion USD it seems likely US dollar might crash before end of 2025.

Do you agree ?

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If you fix the due date and give a definition what counts as a crash I am willing to bet

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@MalteKretzschmar Due date extended to 2024 December. Makes sense to me. I wish they had bet appreciation / depreciation using option like greeks . Not sure if it does. What date would be ideal IYO ?

@Debasishpadhy is date correct?

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@MickBransfield I am new to this and couldn't figure a way to adjust the date. Ideally it should remain open for an year or more.

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Now its extended. But can these bets have greeks like stock options ? Or people will just wait to bet at the end of 2024 😂

What counts as a crash? Do you want to use a peg against the value of a commodity (e.g. gold) or a comparison to another basket of fiat currencies?

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@AndrewHartman Good point. Sorry for the late response. Hardly visit here but possibly will be more active. I guess pegging against Gold is the way to go.

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