Will Sam Bankman Fried receive a criminal penalty of more than 10 years in prison before 2030?

Market resolves to "Yes" if Sam Bankman Fried is sentenced by a judge in any jurisdiction to serve more than ten years in prison before 2030.

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@parafactual He is being villainized by many (I've dunked on him too), But also he's still pretty fucked and that hasn't decreased today. https://manifold.markets/DeanValentine/will-sam-bankman-fried-receive-a-cr-1e81c88cf718

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Based and judicial-branch-still-works-pilled if this actually occurs.

Regime-simps be warned if they toss their golden boy donor aside this easily; all theories about Alameda and EA having pedophile logos and SBF being some anti-crypto plant seem mostly discredited by his clownish interviews.

Perhaps it really all was some midwit on uppers fooling VCs and paying off journos—made it look easy with the insider trading and constant embezzlement but his trading performance and business acumen fell out exactly at the (abysmally low) level revealed here http://measuringshadowsblog.blogspot.com/?m=1

“If you wrote a book you fucked up” and Second Amendment = Shakespeare = “sucks” aged about as well as expected

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Anyone care to elaborate on why this might be so low?

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The NYT is somewhat soft on him, the FT showed a racist cartoon of CZ as the true villain, Tyler Cowen basically said he did a good thing (and got destroyed by his commenters for it, but Tyler’s always been an elite bootlicker and hated crypto so no surprises)

All to say: very possible they charge him in DC, and/or give him a sweetheart deal to day the right things and help kill crypto

Would expect a mostly rigged process in his favor, and not ten years

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@Gigacasting None of those people you mentioned seem to be either prosecutors or judges. Would love to challenge bet you on this one.

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