Nick Fuentes Stock (Permanent)

Permanent market for Nick Fuentes.

Yes = Buy
No = Short
This is a permanent market and its duration will be lengthened as long as it's allowed. The aim is to sell your stock (see top right after you've made a bet) when you believe your side has over-corrected and buy in/short it again once it's over-corrected to the other side. Essentially, it's meant to function like a traditional stock market.

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is predicting YES at 44%
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William Henthorn
is predicting YES at 52%
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is predicting YES at 50%

nick met ye thats amazin

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William Henthorn
bought Ṁ50 of YES

This is a wildly undervalued stock ahead of the no jumper podcast and Kanye interaction. There's some odds groypers enter the market which would lead to a rapid appreciation of Nick's value and turbulence through the rest of the market

Putting shorts on Nick because you don't like him is an already saturated market for existing traders. The market will trend up.

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bought Ṁ19 of NO

With Nick allegedly meeting up with Kanye I think that he's going to be out of sight of destiny for a while, since nick has a pretty big ego and destiny isn't much of a clout chaser I doubt they're going to be in eachothers orbits for a while, and if they're not conversing I think this stock is going to naturally go down for every viral clip of Nick saying something stupid or racist.

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is predicting NO at 58%

@a yeah hes a pretty crazy dude, destiny has debates with him over his views every so often, with another coming up soon. Dont think this market is an approval of him.

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David Davidson
is predicting NO at 58%

@a It's interesting how many groypers stuck around in Destiny's audience. Fuentes talks seem like months ago.

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is predicting NO at 58%

@DavidDavidson i think its a good thing though, getting out of an echo chamber is the only way to have your views changed.

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bought Ṁ70 of NO

Brain Damaged Market

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bought Ṁ135 of YES

Nick>>>literally anyone else

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DGG Groyper
bought Ṁ20 of YES
nick fuentes epic

doubters will pay the toll

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is predicting NO at 51%

highly overvalued by remedial groypers a sell for me till about 15-20

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is predicting NO at 52%

@Under_Depreciated absolutely correct, there's clearly market manipulation going on by the groypers, this is a solid NO for now.

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bought Ṁ100 of YES

nick w

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@ManifoldDream ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️