Will I get 8192 in 2048 during 2023?
resolved Jan 1

I don't play that much, or plan to, but I think it'd be cool to get 8192. I've played 2048 for awhile and only got 4096 last year. I use the snake strategy, but nothing too fancy besides that. Here's my current high score:

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I’ve decided to make one more attempt, then call it quits. Chances — empirically — are miniscule, but you never know…

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@Conflux Alas - I did get 2048 and 1024 this run, but then I got into a tight spot and lost

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Any update?

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@JimHays I have been playing sometimes, but haven’t even gotten 4096+2048 yet, so not looking great. I did narrowly beat my high score though

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I lost countless hours on this game... I'm betting YES as an incentive for you to stop playing this addictive game and bet on NO!

@MayMeta are you talking about 2048 or manifold xD

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@firstuserhere lmao, touché

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You are a puzzle creator? Why then interested in that kids toy 2048?

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Maybe they like it because they find it fun? Just because you don’t find it to be fun doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t be allowed to, whether or not they make puzzles.

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@JimHays "it's fun" is not an answer, because it can be said for any hobby. I wanted to know a deeper reason. Examples: "because I want to learn exponents of 2", "because i feel the illusion of progress, like in clicking games", "because it is easy and reminds me that puzzles should not fry brains".

I hope you understand.

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@JimHays "I like because it's fun" is like a recursive statement, that says nothing.

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No it’s not. I like some things that aren’t fun. I like having paid work even when it’s not fun. I like breathing even though it’s not fun. etc.

If something is fun you can go on to ask “Why do you find X fun?” You can also do it without being insulting of others preferences.

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@JimHays I don't think kids toys are anyhow insulting. I have two teddy bears.

Funny, but you said "maybe because it's fun" and then "not all things people like are fun". So the question whether it is fun (or for example, meditating for Conflux) is still open.

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@JimHays I think you falling into demagogy. There is not much difference between my question and the one you try to enforce.

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your original question embeds the assumption, “2048 is a kids toy”. I don’t think this is true. I think it’s probably not the case that the majority of people who have played it are kids. And yes, I agree that it’s not self evident that Coflux’s answer would be “it’s fun”. I had (wrongly it seems) thought that you were merely asking a rhetorical question (as in “Why would anybody who is serious about puzzles like puzzles designed for kids?”), rather than honestly trying to get an answer

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@KongoLandwalker I like to play simple video games while listening to podcasts (or sometimes music), and 2048 is one of the ones I play. I think it’s an interesting game, and it would be cool to get 8192, but I recognize that it’s not very important.

I got 4096 after not playing for awhile because an old friend of mine got 4096 and I felt competitive.

bros never reached 16384 😔

Does your version include or not include the single undo?

@JimHays I think it excludes the undo. It’s the 2048 iOS app.

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@Conflux God speed mate

there's a lot of time left in 2023. you can do it