Will any country at least partially ban alcohol before 2028 for non-religious reasons?

The ban needs to be enacted legislatively after market creation.

What counts:

  • ban on distilled spirits only

  • ban for people born after a given date (simmilar to NZ tobacco ban)

  • extremely restrictive personal quotas (<20% average consumption prior to enactment)

What does not:

  • increasing drinking age

  • restricting sales to a small number of outlets

  • supreme court decision finding the sale of alcohol unconstitutional

  • anything a country with a theologically driven legislature does

  • an attempted ban that gets legally overturned before coming into effect

All timeframes:

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There are a metric f*ckton of jurisdictions in the US. Are you keeping track of all of them?

predicts YES

@BrunoParga it sounds like this needs to be enacted nationwide, even if partially. by my read, a dry county wouldn't count. am I wrong?

@Stralor could be - I interpreted "partially" as in, "a part of a country".

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