Will Trump be incarcerated for contempt of court at any point during his NYC criminal trial?
resolved May 30

The judge in Trump’s NYC criminal trial (the Stormy/ Michael Cohen trial by jury) today levied the maximum fine of $1000 per violation on Trump for violating conditions of his gag order 9 times. Prosecutors wanted ten. Judge made clear that $1K a pop not much of a deterrent here. Hearing on four more of these Thursday.

ETA: Any kind of incarceration including at home.

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The trial, as in courtroom spectacle, is over. The chance he will be held in contempt of court at his sentencing seems remote.

When does trial end? After verdict? After sentencing? After appeal? (or is that a different trial?)

At this point it might be his goal, thinking he’ll farm donos and outrage

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@ZacParker set up another limit order if you want it.

Wrong wealth size to be held further accountable.

@GazDownright Maybe. But the judge has pretty strongly expressed how fed up he is with T’s attitude and lawyers. Could be not so much accountability as trying to dial down the circus.

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New and may resolve Thursday.

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