Will The Diff continue publishing at least 3x/week over the next year?
resolved Jul 3
This question resolves to "YES" if The Diff continues publishing at roughly its current schedule through July 3rd, 2023.
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MPpredicted YES

@ByrneHobart this market can resolve to YES, imo.

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Byrne Hobart

@MP Thank you, done.

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Alex Powerbought Ṁ75 of NO
I suppose I'm the nay-sayer. It probably will keep going at its current pace for another year, but I wouldn't want to bet on it at more than 70%.
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The death base rates for newsletters are quite high. That said, TD has been going on for some years and I think that Byrne continues to add 300 new users each week for a quite long time. I'd put the likelyhood at 91-92%.