Will the left/right culture war come for rationalussy before the end of 2024?

This market resolves YES, if, in my sole opinion, it seems abundantly clear that support for "rationalussy" (an umbrella term for sex with a rationalist, an insult for people who use rationality as an excuse for cowardliness, the lower holes of a rationalist, God, the opposite of a logical fallacy, etc.), becomes politically polarized along left/right lines.

It doesn't matter which side becomes "pro" AI or "anti" rationalussy, just that each one picks a side and starts visibly yelling at the other, and that one's allegiance to left/right politics starts to drive people's opinions about whether they are pro or anti rationalussy, and vice versa.

This is especially the case if you express an opinion about rationalussy and people immediately assume you must belong to either the left/right based solely on that statement.

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Rationalussy transcends political ideology.

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