What human rights violations & other such medieval crap will the government of Singapore still have by 2030? (Add more!)
The death penalty
The death penalty for offenses other than murder
The death penalty for nonviolent offenses
Restricted LGBT rights (compared to the most advanced nations)
A de facto single-party state
Corporal punishment
Corporal punishment of victimless offenses (e.g. visa overstay)
Indefinite detention without charges or a trial
Corporal punishment of nonviolent offenses
Criticizing biased "judges" for being biased is itself a crime
No freedom of association (permits required)
No freedom of speech (permits required)
Certificate of Entitlement

Since this site is looking to collaborate with the government of Singapore, let's give the country some attention!

When adding options, please try to make sure they are human rights violations, contrary to at least the spirit, if not the letter, of documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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If no freedom of speech violates human rights, then Germany, Spain, Italy, and Iceland are all violators as well

@thepurplebull human rights cannot be exercised to violate other human rights (Universal Declaration, article 30).

@BrunoParga Not relevant here

@thepurplebull that is the entire point of that article, and of the concept behind it in human rights law. It is the acknowledgement that in some situations the exercise of one right might violate another, so the law and courts must establish some balance that gives the body of human rights its fullest possible expression.

I would argue that corporal punishment is less outrageous than one might think. If we are talking about something that would otherwise carry e.g. 6 months prison time, then ask yourself if you'd rather do the time or the corporal. If you answer "corporal", then it's hard to argue it's a human rights violation when the worse-to-you punishment is ok.

I've always thought we treat prison time far too lightly relative to other punishments.

@MattLashofSullivan I hear you, and I think this also greatly depends on the the actual prison one would be serving time in. The reference should be the most advanced countries like the Nordics, not the USA. And there's also the interest of society - in which of these options does the convict come out as a better person, caning or serving time?

@BrunoParga I agree those are the relevant questions, i just an not so sure of the answers.

@MattLashofSullivan i see, thank you.

For new I'm gonna keep the option up because AFAIK international human rights law considers that not to be okay, but it's an interesting question!

@BrunoParga yeah, thats fine. I think I maybe just disagree with international human rights law

Certificate of Entitlement

Is this the thing where the privilege to put another car on the road is sold at auction? If so I'm strongly leaning towards N/A'ing it – it's not a human rights violation.