Will Bitcoin hit $100k before it next hits $10k?

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@BoltonBailey Pat's big NO limits got me wondering if I may be reading the title wrong, and without a description I can't help but ask, even if it seems obvious to me. Sorry if it's silly:

Does this require BTC to hit (or exceed) $100k and then ("next") fall back to $10k in order to resolve YES? Or just hitting $100k (without first hitting $10k of course) is enough? Thanks.

@deagol ah no I'm reading it the same way as you. I'm just v bearish on crypto

@Stralor thanks, you might find this one interesting: https://manifold.markets/itsTomekK/will-bitcoin-ever-go-below-10000-ag?r=ZGVhZ29s

I've been accumulating YES there ("ever" is until USD collapses, whatever that means) but a couple bitheads just keep piling on and I donated all my dry powder.

@deagol yeah I'm short on cash atm but I'll feed that over time

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Will you extend the close if neither happens by then?

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predicts NO

The same market, phrased differently:

predicts YES
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