Will I get demoted from Masters League before July 2nd, 2024?
resolved Jun 1

If I get demoted to Diamond league at any time before the close date, this market resolves YES. If there is a major update to the Leagues system that makes Masters not the highest league, I may use the new league highest league for the purpose of this market, or resolve N/A.

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bought Ṁ3,000 YES
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@shankypanky James ended it earlier than usual, shocking

I had a whole scheme

(thanks @JamesGrugett 😅)

Shucks, Alexander's good folks


wild I randomly checked this market and you bet on it in the last minute. so yeah fellas I got a loan from joshua and went from 11k to 14k in a few hours. a similar jump and I might be top10 ish. so it's unlikely that I stay masters but it's somewhat possible.. and I kinda want to. Top league or no league, yk?

bought Ṁ250 NO

On stefanie's tail now

@Bayesian not too random—saw you were betting again lol

@Bayesian 🥺

@shankypanky Sorry. I won’t spare anyone in this bloodshed.

@Bayesian fun while it lasted then! 🫡

@shankypanky You can totally pass panfilo! https://manifold.markets/klob/did-manifold-actually-find-the-thie?r=WmlkZGxldHdpeA this market still has a lot of free money

@Bayesian I'm not touching any of his markets lol

@shankypanky good argument.. uh

@Bayesian gl! and I guess good for leagues for anyone taking advantage of high subsidies on those 🙃

“2st” - twost!

@mattyb LOL I'm tired 😅

started with 1st, thought myself clever for catching that the season ends on that day and it might cause drama so switched the 1 to a 2... and the rest is history