Will Zelenskyy call for a return of Crimea to Ukraine during his address to Congress?
resolved Dec 22

The world seems to be split on whether or not Ukraine should get Crimea back. Will Zelenskyy make it a major part of his address?

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@PeterWildeford Nothing wrong with that!!

Moderately certain I didn’t hear it, and fully sure it’s not in the (automatically generated, possibly incorrect?) transcript on C-SPAN (https://www.c-span.org/video/?525000-1/ukrainian-president-zelensky-address-congress).

I think the closest he came was by mentioning his 10-point peace plan. (Such, implicitly, its 5th and 6th points that discuss territorial integrity.)

What has to happen for this to resolve to yes?

Does Zelenskyy have to explicitly mention that Crimea should be returned or will a call for the return of all Ukrainian territory count?

The description asks if it is a major part of the address. What would distinguish between a major and a minor part of the address?

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@JeffreyHeninger If it happens it is, in my opinion, the most significant part of the speech no matter how much is dedicated to it. I was basically asking "will he go there?" He has to mention Crimea by name, intimating won't count.