Will Trump claim any of the recordings of him presented as evidence in his federal documents trial is a deepfake?

I am a bit surprised Capt Deep State hasn't yet caught on to the concept of a deepfake, but surely it is just a matter of time before this term enters his lexicon of scripted denials. Resolves YES if at any time prior to the start of the GOP convention next August Trump claims the recordings entered into evidence by the Special Counsel are deepfakes, defined as faked using AI.

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I don’t think he’ll explicitly say they’re deepfakes but they might say “how do we know this isn’t a deepfake?” Or “I don’t remember saying that, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of footage of me saying things I’ve never said, it happens a lot”

Especially with desantis posting those AI pics of him embracing fauci, it’ll be on his mind, but I think there’s a line he won’t cross and actually explicitly call anything authentic a deepfake

@Gen If he implies they may have been created using AI that is enough. I just want to see if he embraces AI as a boogeymen man. He doesn’t need to do a technical analysis or anything lol.

@BTE I'm assuming calling it "fake" or saying "how do we know it's real" isn't enough? Has to mention "deepfake" or "AI" or something?