Will Trump be the Vice Presidential candidate for the GOP in 2024?
Dec 31

Potentially 12 years of immunity if he goes this route and wins, which seems much more likely to happen than the route that sees him as president and a maximum of 4 more years of consequences delayed. As VP it would basically end his legal troubles permanently, and I think he wins from the backseat. I feel sick now that I have thought of this because it's obviously inevitable once it's realized he can't win at the top. The party will offer this to him. Nobody tell Rob Desantis this idea.

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This might be the only smart move Trump has left. He may not be psychologically capable of accepting it, but he fact is he gets the same immunity as he would as president and with much better chances of success.

@BTE Nah, even if he tried it, his supporters wouldn't buy in.

predicts YES

@ErickBall I see no evidence that his supporters ever question anything he says or does. Why would this be different??