Will more than 100 hostages in Gaza be freed by end of the year?
resolved Nov 30

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Resolves yes

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Hopefully all hostages will be returned safely, Hamas can be wiped out and peace in the region can be attained.

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Brian T. Edwardspredicted NO

@MarcusAbramovitch nicely said, but you forgot the creation of a Palestinian state.

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@BTE sadly, i don't think that will happen in the near future. I do hope for it though.

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Sounds like we are now at 95 with Day 6's group added in.

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@Panfilo Actually at 102 now. 86 yesterday. Today we got back 10 the main deal, 2 Russian-Israelis, and 4 Thais.

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@Shump Indeed I think this resolves Yes @BTE since it didn't have any backdate cutoff like the other market

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The 2-day extension is not the last of the extension options.

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At least 50 hostages expected to be released soon. https://twitter.com/BNONews/status/1727133441479872554

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Darij Grinberg

Freed alive?