Will any of my markets have 1000 traders by the end of 2023?
Jan 1

I think there is a good chance I could get several markets to 1,000, particularly the markets that expire at the end of 2023.

This bitcoin market has gotten approximately 225 traders in about two weeks and is probably my most actively traded market yet, or at least since the number of traders began to be listed on the market cards making it easier to track. I doubt it will make it to 1,000 traders by the end of the year when it closes, but it could get really close depending on the price of bitcoin as the close date approaches.

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Brian T. Edwardspredicts YES
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Brendan Finan

I think @Conflux has a market like this. In both cases it seems like we're betting on the growth of Manifold in general, rather than your marketmaking ability

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