Will Bitcoin close the year above $15,000?
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is predicting NO at 71%
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Zhao Nan
is predicting NO at 70%

@Gigacasting Dire times for Bitcoin, if even you are betting against it! ;)

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@ZhaoNan actually that might be bullish lol

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is predicting NO at 67%
Will Bitcoin close the year above $15,000?
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Andrew Hartman
bought Ṁ50 of YES

It's survived FTX thus far, so I can't imagine it doesn't manage this, unless another of the exchanges manages to explode.

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is predicting NO at 60%

@AndrewHartman Except that 1y ago, it was at 56k, and then it dropped all this way without major scandals ;-)

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is predicting YES at 58%

This is a win-win. Easy manifold moneys for an obvious bet. If I lose, I get cheap BTC.