Will Anthony Levandowski be the next CTO at Tesla?
Jan 1, 2023
M$1,173 bet
Gigacasting sold M$40 of NO
Probably won’t name a CTO. Levandowski is a great hire to lead AI though. True genius tossed around by Google’s political power; whoever indicted him should legit be in jail for wrongful prosecution.
BTE bought M$18 of NO
@Gigacasting I have no idea what really happened to him at Google, and don't care because Google has made literally TRILLIONS off of their employees genius. I actually suspect Musk and Levandowski would work very well together. Interests align and Musk can give him a compensation package like his own that makes Levandowski extremely rich if he meets certain milestones. Though he could probably get him relatively cheap considering nobody else is going to hire him anytime soon.
Jack is betting NO at 44%
Why do people think he's a particularly likely next CTO?
BTE is betting YES at 44%
@jack Because as far as I know he is the best in the world at building these systems. I don't think his talent has ever been in question, it was his trustworthiness and legal baggage that kept him from taking this job years ago IMO. Now at least one of those has been cleared up by his pardon from Trump.

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