What valuation will Manifold raise their next round of funding?
Jun 1

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How does this resolve if they never raise another round, e.g. by going bankrupt before then?

@toms That would probably have to resolve N/A.

I'm not sure how you're defining a round, but we're currently accepting angel checks at a 40M postmoney valuation and have about 6 checks totalling ~80k. (We aren't calling this a "round" though, just opportunistic investment accepting in preparation of a series A next year)

@Austin Just curious, how do you justify the $40mm valuation?

$500k max(plus whatever cash on hand). That's the replacement cost to clone it and bribe key community members to switch.

They might find gullible people to pay a $40 million valuation though, I don't know who pays them or why.

What was the last valuation it raised at?

boughtṀ5$30-40mm YES

@Joshua You are really making me laugh. I need to hear how this is even close to realistic.

I have no expertise here tbh, that's why I'm spreading my mana out over the three middle options.

boughtṀ5$30-40mm YES

@Joshua Why do you think this?

bought Ṁ5 of $30-40mm YES

They said they want to raise at 40mm, and I assume they won't be off by that much.

@Joshua Yes I know that which is why I asked this question. Based on normal values it should be under $5mm. I love this site but I am under no delusions about its future. $40mm is bonkers. How do they justify it?? 1200 active users?? Basically no revenue. Barely positive growth!! Come on man.