Will Elon Musk vote for Donald Trump in 2024?

This market will resolve to YES if Elon Musk states that he voted for Donald Trump or otherwise indicates very strong support for his candidacy before the end of 2024. If Elon Musk does not do this or Donald Trump is not a candidate for the 2024 presidential election, this market will resolve to NO.

Examples for clarity:

Elon tweeting "everyone should go vote for Trump" would be enough evidence to resolve YES

Elon tweeting "Joe Biden is the worse candidate" or "I refuse to vote for Joe Biden" or supporting something that Trump says would not be enough to resolve YES, since they are not direct advocacy for voting for Trump.

I won't bet on this market.

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@KwameOsei I won't count this since Elon is not the one directly making the statement, but if Elon himself said this it would count for sure.

@Arky I wasn’t suggesting the market should be resolved, I just thought the odds were really off considering he’s retweeted more stuff like this in the past.