Is Syzygy on the Glowfic constellation an alternate account of Eliezer Yudkowsky?
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Ilzolendebought Ṁ200 of NO

Syzygy tried to upload an SVG icon for a quadricolor flag: check the mime-type of Syzygy has also used fancy CSS for the tables of rock-paper-scissors outcomes. I think this is strong evidence against Syzygy being Eliezer.

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That is a good point, but not, fortunately for you if you are correct, good enough to stop me from continuing to bet YES.

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Aevylmarbought Ṁ13 of YES

If Syzygy is an account used by Eliezer and another author cowriting the thread disguised as a single author, which way does this thread resolve?

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Aevylmarpredicts YES

@Aevylmar Er, this question, sorry for the misstatement.

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@Aevylmar I would resolve it YES if Eliezer is cowriting even if he's not writing the whole thing, NO if it's entirely written by another author who is asking him a large number of questions behind the scene.

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Aevylmarpredicts YES

@Arete Thanks!