Will Israel have a national election for Knesset in 2023?
resolved Jan 1
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Maybe it should be obvious, but what caused @Shai or others to drop the probability recently?

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@kenakofer The judicial reform is dead (has been for a few months now). Netanyahu is shifting the focus to economic issues to reverse the damage he felt in the polls.

@Shai aaand it's back

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The government would have to fall apart by August. They're not doing great but they still have a lot of room and only four months to go.

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@ShakedKoplewitz although israel has had snap elections this one is a catch 22, if they end elections with the reform there's nothing to elect.

The budget is already preliminarily approved and there's no reason it would happen this year.

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This government seems significantly more stable than the previous one (if not without fractures). For there to be an election in 2023 it would have to collapse within half a year or so, which seems unlikely.

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