Will there be a criminal prosecution of an individual in the US for LLM prompt engineering before 2025?
closes 2025

As the title says: the litigation must be before 2025, against a US based individual, criminal in nature, and be solely based on submitting a prompt into any modern LLM.

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AdamTreat avatar
Adam Treat

What possible law would they be breaking?

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A7om20 avatar
A7om.ethpredicts YES

LLMs have already been tricked by various PEs to give sensitive info or instructions for illegal things. Thus far they've been largely white hats. Use your imagination :)

Aboczjr avatar
Andrew Bocz

@A7om20 Is the question whether a crime will be committed with the help of an LLM and then involved in the legal system, or if the prompting itself will be illegal(ie because of new laws)? Does it matter if someone is only charged but the court proceedings haven't yet begun?

DaveK avatar
Dave K

Is market on a prosecution being filed, being filed and going to completion (regardless of outcome), or only if the prosecution is successful?

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A7om20 avatar
A7om.ethbought Ṁ100 of YES

@DaveK prosecution does not need to be successful. Charges just have to be filed for a "yes" resolution.