Will I still have all my limbs by the end of June?
closes Jul 1

resolves as expected

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Timothyis predicting NO at 94%

I hate this market.

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@Timothy me too (how does it have 22 traders??? no one knows!?!?!)

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Does this refer only to the four limbs on your body? (not e.g. a tree limb or a limb of some doll or figurine that you own)

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And does it refer only to physical attachment to your body?

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@jcb yep, just my arms + legs

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@jcb yes

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Wobblesbought Ṁ25 of NO


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Pat Scott🩴

any risk factors such as mountaineering, diabetes, factory work, a penchant for explosives, etc.?

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Timothybought Ṁ9 of NO

@8 We need to know.

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Jim Haysbought Ṁ50 of YES

You have them all now?

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@JimHays surprisingly, yes

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