Will Destiny get an adhd med prescription?
resolved Sep 19

Destiny is going to the doctor today to get his ADHD med prescription can he do it or will he fuck up?

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Agh avatar
Aghpredicted NO

I feel like you could make a good case for either yes, no or even an N/A-resolution.

  • It should resolve yes because a doctor offered to give him meds.

  • It should resolve no because he didn't really get a prescription in the end.

  • It should resolve N/A, because an unexpected thing happened (destiny chickened out) that prevented the resolution. Like a soccer game which gets canceled at the 89th minute.

In the end OP fucked up by not thinking of all possible outcomes when creating this market. And we fucked up by not clarifying those outcomes before we bet on the market.

I'm not mad at @yeeyeeyee, shit happens, and it was his first market

yeeyeeyee avatar
yee yeeyeepredicted YES

i made the question thinking it was about if destiny can get the prescription, not if he chooses to get it

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PunishedFurry avatar
Punished Furrypredicted NO

@yeeyeeyee Then I think you should've worded the question "Will Destiny see a doctor about getting an adhd prescription?"

Because as it stands right now, Destiny did not get an adhd med prescription because he ultimately chose not to despite the doctor offering to.

PunishedFurry avatar
Punished Furrypredicted NO

@PunishedFurry I think he changed his mind again and will get the prescription. Looks like it won't matter either way.

Dennis5a87 avatar
Dennisbought Ṁ8 of YES

Uhh? he's literally saying he's not getting a prescription. Why even insta resolve anyway.

JohnJingleheimer avatar
John Jingleheimerpredicted NO

Unless he's trolling, he declined the prescription, no?

PunishedFurry avatar
Punished Furrybought Ṁ150 of NO

oh whoops, i misheard him

1 reply
PunishedFurry avatar
Punished Furrypredicted NO

@PunishedFurry wait no, I thought he said "she said she'd prescribe me adderhall if i wanted it."


yeeyeeyee avatar
yee yeeyeepredicted YES


yeeyeeyee avatar
yee yeeyeepredicted YES

guys this is a yes right?

jojomonsta avatar

will you extend the close date if he misses more appointments?

1 reply
yeeyeeyee avatar
yee yeeyeepredicted YES

@jojomonsta yes, i extended it with a month

JohnJingleheimer avatar
John Jingleheimer

Does the fact his appointment was cancelled not make this null and void?

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dgga avatar
duNpredicted YES

@JohnJingleheimer He probably missed it because of his ADHD

yeeyeeyee avatar
yee yeeyeepredicted YES

@JohnJingleheimer No, he's gonna do it sometime soon the same question still stands

XavierW avatar
Xavier W

Does getting Wellbutrin count?

1 reply
dgga avatar
duNpredicted YES

@XavierW as long as it's prescribed to treat adhd, I'd assume everything counts, right? (that aside I don't know how a doctor in their right mind could think bupropion is an appropriate prescription for Destiny)

Dumdume avatar
Dum dumebought Ṁ60 of NO

I don't care if he has ADHD or not low odds means I'M UP BIG 🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳