Will Eliezer Yudkowsky unblock me on Twitter in 2024?
Dec 31

My account (@warty_dog) is currently blocked by the Yud (@ESYudkowsky). This resolves YES if, at some time in 2024, I check and see that it's not blocked, and I think this was caused by Eliezer himself unblocking me (as opposed to a bug or something). Otherwise, NO at the close date.

The likely reason for the block is this tweet of mine https://twitter.com/warty_dog/status/1558966475125391362

previous year's market https://manifold.markets/warty/will-eliezer-yudkowsky-unblock-me-o

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What was your proposed alignment solution you mention in the tweet?

@TheAllMemeingEye I'm just saying there's one out there

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What's your plan for getting yourself unblocked?

predicts YES

@42irrationalist the possibilities are running out. at this point my best bet might be intercession

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