Will the crew reach elbaf in 2024?
Mar 30

Will the strawhats reach elbaf in 2024,or do you think there will be another place where the crew might visit first?

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Insane payout this, invested 30 mana for 1029 mana on resolving to NO

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@JaredAsh That is because they are absolutely going to elbaf unless Oda is trolling us 😂

@EnriqueAlanis if it's up to Oda, Egghead will never end...not to mention the world's true history flashback and how long that will take if Vegapunk's message gets broadcasted. I'm not doubting elbaf is next, it's how long it will take to get there.

@JaredAsh so you're saying it's not up to Oda?

@V4D0NTH8 it IS up to Oda and that means it will almost feel like egghead will never end.

@V4D0NTH8 I mean with the 3 week break and all, plus an enormous year end break, realistically how many chapters do you think we have left this year?

@JaredAshI get what you are saying, It's hard for me to guess how many chapters are left this year but I would say around 25(probably less), but we don't know if Elbaf is the next arc or not.