Will more than 50% of the population in the United Kingdom have their genome sequenced for medical purposes by 2034?
resolved Feb 29

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Re-resolving this to N/A as it was fraudulently resolved to YES.

@sxgada Can you please share resolutions source?

@sxgada From what I can find, the biggest plan there is was to sequence 500,000 volunteers.

> The new strategy builds on the government’s existing ambition to analyse five million genomes in the UK by 2023/24, including sequencing 500,000 whole genomes through the NHS Genomic Medicine Service, and 500,000 whole genomes through the UK Biobank.

150,119 people are confirmed here.

Newborn Genomes Programme, launched by Genomics England, plans to undertake whole-genome sequencing of up to 200,000 newborn babies. This is a plan that I do not think happened yet.

In any case, the numbers are nowhere near half of the UK population.

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