Will Argentina’s official inflation numbers for February 2024 be over 15%?
resolved Mar 12

Argentina started 2024 with a monthly inflation rate of 20.6%, which, while 5 points lower than December 2023, still reflects significant economic challenges. This was a result of a 54% devaluation of the peso in December 2023 under President Javier Milei's administration. The annual inflation hit 254.4%, with the "other goods and services" category seeing the biggest monthly increase. Categories like transportation and communication also saw notable increases, driven by hikes in public transportation, fuel, and internet services. January's inflation figure was in line with expectations, with a predicted deceleration path despite the high rates. The economic measures, including the peso devaluation and the elimination of various price controls and regulations, are part of broader reform efforts, albeit with significant immediate inflationary pressure. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other economic analysts have projected continued high inflation in the short term, with hopes for stabilization as reforms take hold.

This will show as Yes for inflation report of over 15% and no for inflation reports under 15%

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It was 13.2% viva milei

what if its exactly 15%

Suggest deleting the word "what" from the title.

@BrunoParga Done, thanks

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