Will there be internet service on Mars at the end of 2060?
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I mean, I'm sure if there are people on Mars and people on earth they will be communicating. But the latency will be brutal.

I imagine something like laser links providing the equivalent of optical fibre transmission speeds, as a possibility, but unless we find some new physics that allows faster than lightspeed communication, a real-time back and forth conversation where I post a comment and nearly instantly everyone in the conversation can see it, will not be possible. Establishing a standard TCP connection (3 way handshake) will take between 15 minutes and an hour in the best case (no errors/retransmissions). So I picture something like long-lived connections streaming one-way updates from each population centre to the other, with the back-and-forth chatting being local. So like, 2 copies of the information, with updates being synched as best we can. And probably there will be more infrastructure on earth than on Mars, so maybe the Mars version of the internet has less stuff on it.

Will there be aquaducts on Mars by 2060? Must be interconnected with Earth's aquaduct grid. πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

Define "same internet"

@RemNi they can open a web browser and go to the same commonly used urls like www.google.com or www.facebook.com from a laptop/cell connected to the internet there, and it all works (or if they don't have laptops/cell phones in that year, whatever the equivalent is)

@RemNi not a separate internet or intranet with different hosting

If there is internet on Mars in 2060 and http is still a thing, then they almost certainly will have a separate system. Routing tables aren't designed for 20 minute synchronization delays

@strutheo you might still be able to go to the same URLs, but they would be hosted locally if available

@strutheo I think this question makes a lot of implicit assumptions about multiple protocols in the year 2060. It's likely these assumptions will no longer make sense by then

@strutheo like will the IP layer still exist? Will TCP/UDP still exist? How would transport control work over interplanetary distances? Will http still be be a thing in the year 2060? If it's not then can you point to another technology and say that's a "website"? Will URLs and web browsers still exist? What is the definition of "internet" ?

@strutheo it's like someone asking a question in the 90s about there being cable TV on Mars in the future. Not obvious if that resolves yes or no given that the tech changes a lot in a short time frame

@RemNi you arent wrong! ill keep thinking

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