Mission Control: How should we use the 🚀Tactical☢️Nuclear🪙Mana🌟Spirit💣Bomb?
Donate 34% to give well, 33 % to internet archive, 33% to mriya
Proposal: add @Stralor to the security council
Proposal: Donate it all to Givewell (PASSED AWAITING APPROVAL)
Proposal: Donate it all to MSF / Doctors without Borders
Proposal: representative security council! Add at least one member with <20k net worth
Proposal: Loan Tumbles 1000 mana to add to the bounty, then add Tumbles to the security council
Proposal: Add @SanghyeonSeo to the security council
Proposal: Bet it on YES for Michelle Obama winning the 2024 presidential election
Proposal: add @odoacre to the security council
Proposal: True Love Bomb, spread the mana by making large bets on markets with <3 traders or markets created by new users
Proposal: Vow not to use the bomb on whalebait markets
Proposal: EMERGENCY BACKUP BOMB - donate it all to internet archive in case of pivot backfire
Proposal: add @Joshua as a member of the security council
Proposal: Loan it all to @retr0id for 1 month, at 10% monthly interest
Proposal: the security council must have at least 3 members to arm the bomb
Proposal: Bet it all on coinflip markets (51% YES) and see how many times it ~doubles
Proposal: Boost Bomb, spend the mana boosting question(s) to be determined
Proposal: Whale Bomb: Use the bomb on a whalebait market
Proposal: a member of the security counsel can be voted off with a supermajority of its members >66%

README: The purpose of this market is to govern usage of the T.N.M.S.B. , a weaponized payload of mana that can be used for good, evil, or both.

This market is unranked and answers resolve NA, so there is no risk to betting yes/no on the listed proposals.

The T.N.M.S.B. must be armed prior to use. If a proposal is passed deploying the mana from the bomb in any way, it can be done through one of the SECURITY COUNCIL member accounts, or a new one created for the bomb.

⚖️Current Procedure

  • There are two main ways to influence the outcome:

    • Bet 1 mana YES or NO to pass/block proposals

    • Make large bets/limit orders to pass/block proposals

  • Anyone can add a proposal as an answer on this market

  • Resolution must get enough YES/NO votes and percentage (see below)

  • Majority of the security council must then agree with resolution

  • If so, it is enacted when and how they decide

📜Accepted Resolutions

  • Bomb cannot be armed before it reaches 10k mana

  • New proposals need 10 more YES positions than NO positions to be considered

  • New proposals need to reach 95% after that

  • Proposed council members cannot be considered without also having:

    • 1000 mana contributed to the bomb

    • 20 more YES than NO positions on their submission

  • New proposals can be cancelled if there are 10 more NO positions than YES positions, but can be resubmitted

  • DonationBomb (69420 mana, 50% Givewell, 50% IA; May 14th 2024)

🏛️Security Council Members

The Weapon:


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a small spark remains to be reignited someday


thank you everyone for participating in this experiment <3

@strutheo 69420 love it


now 50k+ thanks to a 25k donation from @TiredCliche !

Dropping sometime tonight


@strutheo 🤯👏👏


THE RESOLUTION HAS PASSED: DonationBomb (50% givewell, 50% internet archive)
Target is locked: Launch preparations are beginning

@strutheo hell fukin yeah 😎💥


🚨The Security Council has called a meeting and is in session

At this point I care less about how the bomb blows than that it blows before May 15th

@strutheo the security 'council' is legit one guy 😆


~12 days until pivot get your votes in

this resolution has passed both the votes and the probability threshold, now considering it. you can keep donating in the meantime

@strutheo with the pivot coming it seems only reasonable to donate to some kind of charity, using mana in fun ways seems to be going away.


at work all day will check later on the resolutions
spirit bomb is still able to be added to : /strutheo/tactical-nuclear-mana-spirit-bomb-c

@strutheo 50% GW 50% IA option is officially confirmed to have reached the shareholder and odds requirements!

I eagerly await your decision :)

@equinoxhq @Bayesian @snazzlePop yo sorry someone blocked your yes shares by maxing out the odds limit, I sold some shares so it should be possible for you to buy 1 share each now :)

@TheAllMemeingEye @TiredCliche @Stralor feel free to sell a subset of your shares in the GW IA option to make room for more shareholders :)

bought Ṁ1 Answer #6ca5b63f9bb2 YES


bought Ṁ169 Answer #b6cf0e9ffd39 YES

this new 99% cap means I think I might have just unintentionally blocked new traders :(

sold Ṁ98 Answer #b6cf0e9ffd39 YES

@Stralor shedding some shares

@Stralor Yeah fortunately it only needs to reach 95% :)

bought Ṁ10 Proposal: Donate it ... YES

I agree with those saying we should donate it before the charity value drops to 10%. Seconding Odoacre, it's boring but the best outcome

Proposal: EMERGENCY BACKUP BOMB - donate it all to internet archive in case of pivot backfire

if the people pass it i'll sign it

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