Whether aliens really exist
Mar 29

I saw a UFO once

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Hi @siqi, this market closes in a few days and doesn't have any resolution criteria defined. It should probably be cancelled, and keep in mind that if you just want to poll people's opinion on a topic, rather than give them something to bet over, you can create a poll instead of a market.

Alternately, you could define some criteria for what people would be betting on, and by what date, if they bet in this market (and perhaps you might extend the date so the market is open longer than a week). Something like "will the new York Times report on the existence of aliens before <some date>", or some other way of telling traders what would cause this market to resolve YES or NO, and when.

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What's the criteria? Intelligence? Anything at all? Too vague and no deadline.

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@siqi the deadline for this should be something like 2100, because it's unlikely that we'll know whether aliens really exist until then