Will someone cite Sam Altman himself saying he is raising $7 trillion?
resolved Mar 2

Resolves YES if someone posts a comment with a verified source of Sam Altman himself (not a reporter, insider, or representative) saying that he is raising $7 trillion. Resolves NO if there isn't such a post made before March.

I will not bet in this market.

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Altman tweeted "why not 8" apparently implying he wants to raise 8 trillion dollars https://x.com/sama/status/1758347811786281355?s=46

AFAIK this (link) is the strongest existing evidence right now that Sam Altman is fundraising $7 trillion:

@singer If we fail to find any more evidence aside from that link, how would this market resolve?

I looked for news articles but they all cite the same WSJ article.

@bohaska this market would resolve NO, since that link doesn't cite Altman

I don't think this counts, but this reply implies a confirmation of the 7T number.


@12c498e I can't access the post being replied to.

@12c498e Thank you.

I don't see Altman confirming that he's doing any fundraising here. He answered someone mentioning the 7T figure, but he isn't mentioning it himself, let alone endorsing it.

@singer He says "idk why" as if he has never heard about the 7T number at all. But since everybody's talking about it, he would have been the first to know, making it likely that he is trying to be sarcastic. The visible sarcasm and his choice to reply at all implies a confirmation that this 7T number is not arbitrary.

But yeah, I don't think an implication counts as an official statement. I just thought it was interesting to see. If he has subtly acknowledged it but not explicitly confirmed it, it makes me think that he's unlikely to confirm it in the near future.

What's the story behind this exact figure?

@GazDownright This is where I read it from: "Sam Altman Wants $7 Trillion"

@singer Much obliged!